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The Buona Sera Inn is a non smoking Inn, smoking anything in our rooms is strictly prohibited. A $100.00 dollar
charge will apply to any guest who smokes, burns or otherwise ignites anything in our rooms. This includes any sort of e-vaping device. This is clearly outlined in our Terms And Conditions, which you can read here. Tampering with a Smoke Detector is a Federal Offence, and a $1000.00 charge will apply, and, if applicable, a reporting of the offending guest to the proper authorities. PLEASE DON'T DO IT!  

However, changes in Oregon Stare Law and City and County ordinances has compelled us to make very clear to our Guests what is and isn't allowed on our property and why.


Changes in Oregon's Marijuana laws present challenges to business owners, as they can be somewhat confusing. The following is what we know about possession, ingestion or smoking Marijuana on our property.

  • You may not have more than one ounce of marijuana in your possession. Any marijuana you may have in your possession MUST be left in your vehicle. Bringing any marijuana in your room may be considered Intent to Sell. Please leave all marijuana products in your vehicle. Locking your vehicle is always a good idea.

  • Even though the Buona Sera Inn provides a Smoking Area for our Guests, smoking any form of marijuana with any device is considered to be Smoking In View, which violates Grants Pass City Ordinances. Due to the fact that we have an Office door, we are considered a Public Place when it comes to this Ordinance.

  • If you are seen smoking or ingesting any marijuana product on our premises, a staff member will politely ask you to stop doing so. If any Guest creates a negative experience for any other Guest or Staff Member. they will be asked to leave the property WITHOUT REFUND. 

  • Grants Pass Police DO NOT need a search warrant to enter any room at any time. 

  • It is illegal to transport marijuana across State lines, even if they come from a State that has legal marijuana laws.

While the Buona Sera Inn neither condemns or condones the use of marijuana, medicinal or otherwise, it is important that all laws, State, Federal or Local are upheld on our property. If you have any questions about this or any other of our terms and conditions, please call us at 877-286-7756. We would be happy to clarify any questions you may have.

John & Mardie, your Innkeepers

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